Emperor Marcus Ulpius Trajanus

Emperor Marcus Ulpius Trajanus

This article provides some background and history on the emperor Trajan, or Marcus Ulpius Trajanus.

Marcus Ulpius Trajanus was born September 18, 52 A.D.  He was born in   Spain and was the first emperor to not be entirely italian.  Although his family had moved to spain from northern italy.  His father was a great military figure, helping in the jewish war.  Naturally he followed in his fathers footsteps and also became a general.

He was adopted by Nerva in order to boost Nerva’s popularity in the army and among the people.  It worked, the armies loved Trajan.  He would suffer much of the hardships they faced unlike other generals.  When Nerva died, making Trajan emperor, he took his time returning to rome.  He finished the battle he was in first.  When he did return he entered rome on foot and embraced each of the senators he also walked among the common people, something no other emperor ever did.  He was seen as one of the most humble and virtuous emperors ever.  But despite all of his virtues he liked war too much.  He died on a campaign coming home.


  • He upgraded all of the public works
  • He set up funds and relief aids for the poor especially children
  • Conquered all of Mesopotamia


  • Roads network was renovated
  • Provisions for the poor were made.  Including alimentia or funds set up to keep this system going which continued for 200 years.


  • He is remembered as the near perfect emperor
  • And as a brilliant military commander    
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